Graduate Support Program



High School Placement and Transition (7th-9th Grade)

  • Initial conversations regarding high school placement begin in the 7th grade.
  • Comprehensive high school placement with each student occurs in the 8th grade with visits, test preparation, family meetings, and help with high school and financial aid applications.  
  • Programming and curriculum is implemented to prepare students for the transition to high school, students and families are connected with various resources in the community and on campus, rising 9th graders are introduced to older graduates currently attending their future school.
  • We work with students and families over the summer to ensure each student is prepared for orientation, registration, and classes.
  • We connect often with 9th graders and families in the first weeks and months of school to ensure students are transitioning successfully.

High School Support and Post-Secondary Planning (9th-12th Grade)

  • We collaborate and communicate regularly with students, counselors, administrators, community partners,  to identify and remove barriers to success while ensuring each student’s psychological, social, and academic needs are addressed.
  • We encourage graduates to engage in extra-curricular pursuits and remain active in the Nativity community.  
  • Graduates and families are supported through the college application process and/or career/vocational program exploration and enrollment.  
  • High school completion is achieved through earning a high school diploma, GED certificate or the equivalent.

Post-Secondary & Career Support (Post high school - 26 years old)  

  • We continue to offer support on an as-needed basis with various levels of care and guidance (e.g., course registration, counseling referrals, school transfers, FAFSA completion, job search, resume review, internship opportunities, graduate school applications, etc.).
  • Post-secondary success is achieved through earning a Bachelors, Associates, vocational certificate, or obtaining gainful employment.
  • Graduates utilize GSP and the Nativity community to increase social capital and participate in professional networking opportunities. Graduates may also receive assistance with drafting resumes, practicing interview techniques, and gaining financial literacy strategies.