Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.

-Albert Einstein

President's Message

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Dear Nativity School Supporter,

Recently, someone asked me why our school was called a “Nativity” school. I explained that in 1971 the first Jesuit, tuition-free middle school was founded at The Nativity Mission Center in Manhattan; hence the name, Nativity School. Was this a coincidence? As I reflected on this fact during advent, it made perfect sense. What word brings forth more hope than “Nativity”.

Whisper “Nativity” and the image of a stable, swaddling clothes, and a baby lying in a manger pop into your mind. The hope of the world in one tiny infant, born of humble circumstances. So too, our children come from humble circumstances, yet are the hope of the world. Inside them is infinite potential and our mission is to unlock that potential and help them become the people God intended. Like Christ, they too are light in our world. They will accomplish much in their three years with us—reading literature, learning to write essays, preparing for Algebra, understanding civics—but most importantly, they will be kind and caring and strive to make the world a place of light and love.

With gratitude for your care and companionship,

Carolyn Becic, President