Poetry Should

Nativity students worked together as a group to create this poem. They had so much fun and we're quite proud of the finished product! 


Poetry should be expressed by all people.

Poetry should dance the Macarena in the street as if it has received defeat.

Poetry should cling to you like a balloon with static electricity.

Poetry should throw the ball across the court to Drake because the rap game needs it.

Poetry should be lived in like a house that’s soft, comfortable and loved.

Poetry should speak louder than any voice could.

Poetry should fart and pretend it didn’t do it and laugh until it pees its pants.

Poetry should wear a scarlet and gold robe representing bravery and courage.

Poetry should calm you as if you’re in a sweet dream.

Poetry should taste as juicy, meaty and crispy as Jack’s chicken.

Poetry should be like a Lamborghini or like the excitement of packing a rare pink diamond.

Poetry should be cherished like life’s precious memories.