Coding class!

As part of our STEM initiative and push to get all of our student using technology in the classroom we are offering a coding enrichment class. Tim Teeling, a local website developer, works with students on coding basics and exposes them to technology in the real world through hands-on class assignments and field trips. This past month Mr. Teeling took Nativity students to Urban Airship and as a follow up they created web pages to say thank you! Code Pen links here:

Who is your personal saint?

Nativity 8th graders reflect on who they view as their personal saint. Many of them chose their parents! Here is 8th grader Ariel's essay about his mother:

Personal Saint Essay

Nora Gomez Cruz was born in Oaxaca, Mexico and is the second child of nine kids. She is a mother of three kids Humberto, Kassandra, and I, Ariel. She was inspired by her Godmother, Ariana Isabella Gomez, because she taught her that education is first before anything. That is why, Nora Gomez, pushes her children to get a great education and get good grades. In Oaxaca, education was not that great and when she had the chance to go to the U.S, she took it. And that is how my mom’s journey begins. 

Nora had a rough childhood in Mexico. Her father, Nahum Ricardo Gomez was immigrating to the U.S to work and left his wife, Rosalva Gomez Cruz, with all their children, including my mother. Since my mom didn’t have access to TV or the internet, she would help her mom do laundry, dishes, clean the house, iron clothes, and other common chores. Her favorite thing to do with her friends was to play jump rope. Her town is so small that everyone there is mostly her family. But, as she grew older her life began to change. 

Nora went with her lover, Humberto Gomez Marcial, over the border to the U.S at the age of 16. Nora ended up in Portland, Oregon because she heard that her brother was living in Portland too. When my mother and my dad found a place to live, she wanted to have an education, so she attended Jefferson High School. She didn’t know English very well, but she managed to graduate high school. Sadly, Nora couldn’t attend college because she couldn’t afford it and she was expecting a baby soon. Then, eight years later, Nora Gomez gave birth to a child and named it, Ariel. 

My mother greatly impacted my morality. She always taught me to not fight with other, but show them kindness. This also taught me that violence isn’t the answer to anything. She regrets that I wasn’t taught lessons that Montessori School taught young kids. In Montessori Schools, they teach kids to learn independent skills like doing laundry, dishes, ironing clothes, and other chores just like Nora’s mother did for her. I wish that I learned these skills, but I am learning now. My mother also taught me that education is important, just like her Godmother.Nora Gomez increased my morality through her faith. When I was younger, most of my family went to the same church. I loved going to church because the singing of the choir, moment of silence to connect with God, and being with my family. Now, I haven’t been able to go to church because I am to busy and I regret missing church. My mom strongly believes that I have to do my First Communion and Confirmation in my life. Nora inspired me just how her Godmother inspired her. 

I chose my mom as my personal saint because she made become the person who you see everyday. She has pushed me so far to get into this school and try to get into Jesuit High School because she wants me to have a better future. She wants me to graduate college because she didn’t have that opportunity. She taught me that being a loyal, kind, responsible, and persevering man will make your dreams come true. I love my mom for everything she has done for me because I wouldn’t be the same man that you see before your eyes. She has inspired me throughout my entire life that education is important. In the future when I have a family of my own, I teach my children that education and kindness is important in life.